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The Australian Prices Network (APN) provides the official Australian oncourse bookmakers' prices between racecourses. The liveoddsTV APN service provides this data for the first time offcourse. The Opening price is the first official market and Top Fluc is the highest price bet and Current price is displayed next to the TAB approximates.

Realtime racing information data, live feeds and more straight from UBET (Unibet/QLD Tab), includes: Real time dividends for all Win/Place pools. Comprehensive results as they post. Full Track and meeting information. Quinella, Exacta and Trifecta abstractions. Runner name, handicap and trainer. Riders/Jockeys, barrier draws and much more.

BettorData was founded in Australia in 1997. It is aimed at being a one stop shop where realtime data is available on a subscription basis to end users everywhere. 

You can get access to data feeds that may help in your business, entertainment and home life. Subscriptions are available on a monthly or quarterly basis

What's included

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Realtime racing data

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For Developers

Developing for the BettorData feed.

We welcome developers of all grades to write systems based on the BettorData model.


We are working to attract developers to the format so that a diverse range of products based on the data feed becomes available.

Home and private programmers are also most welcome and we will assist as much as time and resources allow.


Please register your project with us, just email and inform us of your project name and your contact details (name, address & phone number). After registering you are welcome to use the same address to ask for help in resolving development problems.


Please do not ask us to list products that you develop on our website as BettorData is strictly product neutral.


Windows DLL Based API access to the data engine.

BettorData offers open format access to our information, where developers can obtain complete access to all programming information, code examples and data samples before purchase of a subscription is necessary.

The engine is accessed via a Windows 32Bit API called cdbdapi.dll. When invoked, this dll will look for the data engine in memory and if not found it will search for and execute the engine (cdbde.exe) and establish communications with it.


The API communicates with the engine via a local loop-back TCP socket so your Windows needs TCP/IP support before the engine and API can communicate.


The server listens on port 479 by default. This can be overridden using the menu item "Setup -> Set IPC Port" in the BettorData Engine. The protocol between the API and the engine is not documented and is subject to change.


The system includes a complete API to access all of the data that BettorData supplies. The complete details of the API can be found here in the API Definition.  A full description of the data is available here in the Data Definition.

These two documents together with the example code (contained in the zip file) clearly explain how to develop an application for Bettordata using the CaptiveData BettorData Engine.


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